Amy Hanlon

What the Kit!?


What the Kit!? is for undergraduates of all disciplines who don’t know quite how to deal with their stress of university. It is a kit that they can get their hands on which encourages them to take a step back in order help them to prioritise and introduce different methods to implement in order to help them get it together.

At the beginning of our degrees we are provided with a lot of information and shown what is available to help us cope with life at university. However, there is an element missing which needs to help us navigate our way through the chaos, and get it together.

This project reflects my interest in getting hands on and creative with my design outputs. What excites me as a designer is seeing how people interact and engage with what is produced.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
_What the Kit!?_ drawstring bag contains all the items necessary for students to be guided on how to take a step back and deal with the stress. 
The _What the Kit!?_ drawstring bag is the perfect size to be able to chuck in your bag for when you need something to help carry all of your extra things.
Using the tools in the _Tool Box_, in combination with the contents of the handbook, they are to be opened and used when you see fit.
The handbook gives different tasks and procrastination tools. To help get students where want to go, and to ignite the child living inside of them.


Block 12
Level E

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