Averil Laird



Emerging adults today dont feel prepared for adulthood and independence, essentially, this generation of 18-25 year old dont know how to adult. Things like doing taxes, budgeting, car maintenance and so on, are just an example of the many life skills that emerging adults are confused and unsure about. Its clear something needs to be done about this lack of understanding in the adult world. In response to this, Ive used a human-centred design approach to create #Adulting workshops aiming to to prepare emerging adults for their most valued aspects of adulthood, by providing them with accessible resources. #Adulting transforms a currently daunting user journey, into one that’s accessible, by simplifying overwhelming topics and creating a more enjoyable experience.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
#Adulting workshop - 'A Taste of Taxes'
#Adulting workshop - 'A Taste of Taxes'


Block 12
Level E

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