Dexter Murray

Free WiFi


‘Free WiFi’ is a speculative exploration into the digital space, how we experience it, occupy it and what we know about it. A contrast of the physical and digital spaces. Examining our constantly connected, digitally driven world. ‘Free WiFi’ aims to bring consideration to our relationship with the digital space, through writings and graphic explorations. The project does not aim to fix these digital technologies, instead exploring our behaviours and presenting them for the reader to consider.

There’s a permanence that a book gives, presenting these digital ideas in a physical medium means they remain unchanged as time passes. Diaristic in nature the writings are not final; they are open for discussion and/or development. Creating consideration and a space to ponder. There is a sense of irony, comfort and uncertainty in presenting something incomplete in a bound and finished publication.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
Free WiFi is a speculative exploration into the digital space.


Block 12
Level C

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