Dylan Healy



This project explores the blurring boundaries of casual and professional design practice. As an increasing number of designers are engaging with open online courses and template-based software, creativity has been democratised and the click of a mouse away. A majority of these designers are learning and focusing on skills, how to design something over why theyre designing that thing.

I aimed to challenge these designers current ideas and perspectives on the landscape and state of design today. Ruminate is a mobile application and my design response to the aim and central proposition, it facilitates conversation and connection between designers of all practice, fields and experience, diverse in their ideas, understandings and abilities.

The visual style represents the adapting nature of design, fluid unique avatars are formed by the users interests in design and help the app connect these individuals through commonality. 

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication



Ruminate facilitates conversation and connection between designers, to challenge their perceptions and understandings about design today.
The application offers community and live talk features, utilising simple interactions to foster dialogue and discourse.


Block 12
Level E

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