Edward Eiloart

The Guitar God


The Guitar God is a projected retail experience that serves to help novice guitarists feel out the differences between electric guitars. It is a tasting platter of guitars, complete with a comforting atmosphere and an animated guide who gives practical tips in layman’s terms.

Currently, the standard retail experience isn't very accomodating for newcomers. They find themselves staring at a wall (of guitars) and often pick the one that looks the coolest within their budget. Sure, they'll ‘try it on’, but without years of experience under their belt, they won’t know what they’re looking for. The Guitar God serves to provide an alternate route in this experience in a courteous, soft-spoken way, considering it solves a problem that not many people find apparent.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
The projected interface of The Guitar God experience
The Guitar God aims to match guitar and guitarist on a deeply personal level


Block 12
Level E

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