Finn Allison

True Humans


True Humans explores concepts of transhumanism through science fiction worldbuilding.

It deals with questions that are central to the transhuman discussion; What makes one human, and how might emerging technologies re-frame this?
In the future, humanity has split, heading off into the stars in different directions in hope of finding new worlds to colonize. As their technology progresses, and they encounter new evolutionary pressures, the inhabitants of the original 'Arks' take on stranger and stranger forms. Each resulting species reflects one or multiple schools of transhuman discussion, from gene therapy to becoming the machine.

True Humans establishes a fundamental world-building baseline over which a narrative can take place, detailing through illustration the context, major factions and species, and their respective societies.
The final book is seated along the line of concept art book and pitch-bible, proposing a cohesive fictional universe of original design to be potentially carried into further media production.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication


Block 12
Level E

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