Georgia  McNeill

Little Discoveries


As experiences designers we believe that childhood should be about getting outdoors and going on adventures, using imagination to create magical worlds that inspires creativity. We want to inspire parents and children around Wellington to get excited about nature and start their exploration.

The interactive book we have designed has activities weaved throughout the storyline that allows children to gain active, hands-on experiences through immersive participation in nature. The aim of the book was to create a full sensory experience for children in a local natural environment. Even though the focus of our book is on familiar everyday topics and locations, it is interwoven with the favourite themes for many children of magic and mystery. As designers we want to open children’s eyes to the magic around them in nature and all the undiscovered mysteries that lay waiting to be unearthed.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
Ferny and the Alien Plant Invasion - Cover (Book 1)
Ferny - Plush Toy
Ferny and the Alien Plant Invasion - Spread (Book 1)
Troll Rocks - a Little Discovery


Block 12
Level E

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