Grace Parry

Cai of 100 Worlds


Leaving home for the first time can be a difficult experience, and new places intimidating, especially for those without immediate support of friends or family. My aim is to help these people find more positive outlooks on the situation through visual narrative. For this, I decided to create a pitch bible for a television show about people born marked as travelers, who spontaneously shift dimensions, and must deal with finding themselves in new and unfamiliar worlds. The experience of people leaving home is exaggerated into a fictional setting that is safe to explore, and the narrative of the episodes encourages more thoughtful and positive thinking.

Bachelor of Design

Visual Communication
Cai of 100 Words cover
The world of Viridami, seen in the episode 'Spires'
The worlds Uston, seen in the episode 'Underground'
The world of Talvinar, from the episode 'Tide of Memories'


Block 12
Level E

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