Grace Potter



The concept of low self esteem among young women is nothing new. Social constructs, the media, and consumer capitalism plays a huge role in the female dissatisfaction with self. Unfortunately, many self identifying women all over Aotearoa battle with this issue every day, and many of these women do not have the tools or modes of thought to decode, unlearn and overcome oppressive narratives.

Self is a design system, digital media platform and brand that provides sharable content across major social media platforms. By providing young New Zealand women with an ever changing range of stories, experiences and perspectives, Self can start to diversify narratives about women in the eyes of the user. Beginning the process of equipping women with the tools, knowledge and empowerment they need. Ultimately helping them work towards a more positive perception of self.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
Self logo
Topic of the month - framing and informing the platforms content
Instagram, Website and Youtube
A Self article and video


Block 12
Level E

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