Hannah Williams-Stewart



The lines between what were once discrete disciplines such as product, graphic and textile design have been and continue to dissolve. The uneven distribution of the industry proves problematic for emerging designers navigating this space, as expectations entering the industry have not been met, or, on the contrary, may be higher than expected. With this in mind, preparation for a career beyond a visual communication design degree is extensive and subjective.

‘Insight’ serves as a collaborative, accessible platform for sharing and understanding some of the social factors shaping the design practice, by the people who make it. This is done through a series of photos and contextualising diary content from designers within various areas of the industry, delivered on a website. I  aim to help inform emerging designers navigating this space, provoking the conversation between the diversity of disciplines within the industry, and highlighting the critical role we have in shaping its’ uneven distribution.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication


Block 12
Level E

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