Harry  Pickernell

Ad Hoc Wizdum


‘Ad Hoc Wizdum’ and its larger sidekick ‘Recto Verso-Verse’ are a snapshot of an open-ended investigation into the creative process. A frustrated reflex to falling into habitual patterns whilst designing, inspiring a necessary step back before stepping forward. Seeking to develop a deeper understanding of design as a practice and through this myself as a designer. I have investigated and inhabited moments of process, which are often subsumed by a more rigorous method. Reinvigorating an understanding of creative process that isn’t seeded in rigor, but one that can be fluid, poetic, and malleable, not something that wishes to be, but already is. It is the understanding of the process that requires development, not the process itself, as this naturally follows. It aspires to inspire creative pursuers to embrace the uncertainty of process, especially when under pressure, as this is when it is most likely to fall victim to the expected.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
A scan of both publications. 'Ad hoc Wizdum' and 'Recto Verso-verse'.
'Recto Verso-verse' -  scan of inside cover.
'Recto Verso-verse' - scan of spread.
'Recto Verso-verse' - scan of spread.


Block 12
Level C

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