Imogene de Bie

Spectacle: An Illustrated Guide to the Four Eyed


Spectacle is a book designed to celebrate eyewear from their functionality to their aesthetic. Encouraging confidence and individuality by its conversational language, pop culture references and techno colour palette. Spectacle ended up being a spectacle in itself, a visual personalisation representing 3D vision and nostalgic cardboard frames, that define the middle ground of glasses as a visual aid and accessory. Its a book that has every intention of breaking the glasses stereotype in half. No more the tool to characterise nerds and outcasts, never a sign of weakness or imperfection. Eyewear should be celebrated for the colourful, creative, expressive pieces that they are. So find your frames, become a SPECTACLE.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
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Block 12
Level E

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