Josh Walker



Spire is fun adventure and community building mobile game targeted towards students who want to organised and build positive habits. In Spire, players build a team of quirky characters called  Habbits - Characters personifying the various goals of the player. These Habbits are powered up with “Tiny Actions” the user has opted to do to help improve their goals. Together they shall embark on a journey to climb the Spire, a natural phenomena of undiscovered mystery, in search of what awaits them at it’s peak. Spire combines narrative, game design and world building, with habit building techniques to provide a game where user can enjoy and explore the world of spire whilst being exposed to good habit building practices.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
An explorer of the spire blessed by the 'Habbit mother', you and your 'Habbits' must work together to discover what lies atop the Spire’s peak.
Use collectible 'relics' found in the Spire to act as visual reminders for on your journey for better habit building.
Grow stronger alongside your 'Habbits' by completing tiny actions towards your overall good habit goals.
Strategize and organize your 'Habbits' to unleash their full power and achieve victory on the spire.


Block 12
Level E

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