Lili Lovell-Wood

Subject to Change


Subject to Change is an exploration of how we perceive current affairs new media in the wake of drastic changes in technology and what this means for our perception of concepts like truth. What is post-truth? Does it matter? Who pays for all this information that’s constantly being spat out in all these overwhelming formats? These are damn good questions that deserve some answers. Also, when your uncle starts talking about the Israel/Palestine conflict or Brexit at Christmas you know what he’s talking about and can have a sassy well educated retort to his slightly inappropriate rants.

Subject to Change is a publication and motion graphic which explores how we interact with current affairs news media, it is a companion to the news, not an alternative.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
Subject to Change volume one, exploring what's happening in current affairs news media. 
A confronting motion graphic exploring democracy, news media and empathy. 
Unformatted, printing the news.


Block 12
Level C

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