Lydia  Harfield 



As a multicultural country there is diversity in the New Zealand way of life and with this comes a variety in the food we eat. However the sharing of food is a social practice that fosters relationships, and is often the foundation of social interaction and connection. Potluck is a quarterly publication that uses the universally understood medium of food to facilitate cross-cultural understanding, the sharing of knowledge, and celebrates the waves of immigration that have influenced New Zealand’s culinary landscape. Potluck looks at New Zealand food through the lens of home cooking because it is in this everyday space where the humble rituals that help to form identity take place. Potluck’s point of difference is that it provides a platform for the diverse voices of everyday life, presenting stories that may not be captured by larger, more permanent publications.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
Clark's Filipino Leche Flan 
A spread from Potluck publication 


Block 12
Level E

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