Matilda Stein

Tf Grotesk


Tf (tree fern) Grotesk is a font that celebrates New Zealand identity. Sitting somewhere between a Humanist and a Grotesk display font, Tf Grotesk takes much of it’s visual forms from the five main varieties of New Zealand native tree ferns from the cyathea and dicksonia category; ponga, whekī, mamaku, whekī-ponga, and kātote. It’s Italic varition embraces messy and organic shapes. A symbol of local pride, tree ferns are found all over New Zealand’s diverse terrain, in forest and urban areas alike. They are unique to New Zealand landscape and are distinctive and recognisable to all that share their inhabitance. Tree ferns will guide you home.

Bachelor of Design

Visual Communication
Tf Grotesk Roman and Italic Character Sets
Promotional flag poster of Tf Grotesk displaying alternate a's


Block 12
Level E

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