Michaela  Pickup

Unapologetically You


Scared to break out of the norm? Too many teenage girls are stuck in an online presence that is distorted by the influence of society’s ideal of the female norm.  Afraid to break out and be their own person; often left questioning why don’t they fit the feminine mould. My design offers a 5 step solution method that addresses the more superficial identity struggles, that lead to self-doubt, appealing directly to the mid-teen audience with the not quite perfect and mixed medium aesthetic.

In the form of a self-help kit, I have developed Unapologetically You, teen girls own personalised time out space; where they can figure themselves out. Unapologetically You houses: an introduction, two zines that speak directly from experiences of three girls introducing the 5 steps to achieving unapologetic, four journals suited for different situations and a poster to help you stay empowered.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
The Kit as it stands represents the DIY culture needed to empower. Intended as a keepsake that can used in times of crisis or happiness.
A look at the zines, a co-collaborative process that is the backbone to the project, built with real experiences.
Inside Imagery of Zine one: why don't I fit the feminine mould...
The Journals: all intended for different purposes and situations


Block 12
Level E

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