Mimi Seagar



The 21st century spares no time for the appreciation of the everyday object. Mundane objects go unseen and the role that they play is typically disregarded.

Objection is using functionality as a lens to reignite our fascination with the mundane. The mug is the subject of our first issue of a annual publication which celebrates the mundane. We are acknowledging the journey of possession between object and human, specifically from the designer, to the maker and ultimately the user. Objection teases out new methods of appreciation; provoking hyper awareness through visual manifestations of affordances, cultural contextualisation, human interaction and consideration for the environment they are subject to.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
Issue 01 – OBJECTION – The Mug
Issue 01 – OBJECTION – The Mug


Block 12
Level E

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