Satina  Zajkowski

Beauty Retouched



Protagonist – Mycah Keall
Ethos – Nara Toktoshova
Logos – Lisette Prendé
Pathos – Branka Vikich

We are at war with our bodies! We fixate on our 'flaws'. We feel unworthy...

Beauty Retouched follows the narrative of a young woman, crumbling under social pressures of feminine beauty. As a viewer, we are omnipresent; privy to the protagonists Body Dysmorphic mindset. We witness her brush with plastic surgery, to fix her 'broken body'. Fortunately, fate intervenes, and she realizes its her perspective that needs to change – not her appearance

The narrative is comprised of my own writings, and those that resonated with me.

To create an innovative response I pushed the limits of the Design context; placing my project at the intersection of Art and Design.

Ultimately, I hope to evoke empathy for Body Dysmorphia; empower viewer's; and challenge individual perception's of beauty, whilst making an informed critique of western beatuy ideals.

Body image issues are considered a normative concern, but we have the power to change that!

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
Lisette Prendé portrays the informative goddess, Logos.
The protagonist's (Mycah Keall) true self-image is revealed, as the emotive goddess - Pathos (Branka Vikich) - reveals her realizations.
Nara Toktoshova portrays the strong feminist goddess, Ethos.


Block 12
Level E

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