Shaun Minkhorst

Lotties Story


Lotties story utilizes Snapchats geofilters and uses looping animations to tell an old story in a contemporary and engaging way. It aims to tell the story of my great great aunt Lottie and the letters she wrote to her brother Leddie. I chose this as a topic because I was interested in learning more about my familys history for myself but also with the aim for young people to learn something for themselves. Through my research I found a disconnect between young people and the way in which we remember those who served. I hope that by telling Lotties story in a contemporary and engaging way, young people will be able to find a personal connection to those who served, to then understand the wider significance of the War. 

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
Here is a still of one of the animations which would be projected onto a street wall. 
Projections bringing to life historic events in context to where they happened.
The animations drawing inspiration from my great great aunt Lottie's letters. 


Block 12
Level E

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