Shona Macleod

Clear The Smoke


Clear The Smoke addresses an important and topical issue within the changing pharmaceutical landscape, aiming to shift medicinal cannabis stigma through the sharing of stories from the New Zealand medical cannabis community. Pre-empting a need for design to bring a segment of the New Zealand public into the cannabis conversation due to public confusion over it’s dual status as a recreational drug and wonder medicine. Delivered through a non-traditional and engaging Instagram format, this platform lays an initial stepping stone for an informed discussion about the future of medical cannabis within Aotearoa, whilst actively supporting the right for patient’s choice of treatment. Get involved with the discussion on Instagram at @clearthesmokenz.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
This multi post narrative is from the perspective of a registered GP and addiction specialist. Words sourced online from: Mike Uncovers The Truth About the Medicinal Cannabis Available - The Rock
This multi post narrative is from the perspective of one of New Zealand’s compassionate growers, dubbed 'green fairies'. Words sourced online from: Fairies At The Bottom Of The Garden - RNZ
Teaser of Clear The Smoke's Instagram account, check out @clearthesmokenz for the full work. Make sure to scroll to the bottom to interact with all the multi-posts and video.


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