Tyler Patterson



Signal is an virtual reality (VR) experience that uses storytelling to explore the themes of mystery, nostalgia, and evolving technology. With the combination of print and VR, Signal entertains and redirects biased perceptions of VR in an engaging cross-reality asymmetrical multiplayer experience in an early 80s aesthetic. Signal, for creatives is an open-source visual guide that can be extracted with a narrative critique to jog creative inspiration through affective visual, audio, and cinematic experiences. Universe Amalgamation Systems (UAS) is a company within Signal, that makes parallel and alternate universes accessible to all lifeforms. Monarch, an enigmatic group tasks both players to take down a corrupt faction within UAS.

Bachelor of Design (Hons)

Visual Communication
Everyone is different – whether you are a designer, gameplayer or storyteller. There will always be decisions to make and every action has an effect.
User interaction was simplified to be accommodating to all levels of understanding. Modified countlessly to provide an engaging experience that is enjoyable for all players.
Set in alternate universe where the 80s have existed for thousands of years, you are plunged into a gripping story of whistleblowers & cyber warfare.


Block 12
Level E

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