YiuTing (Ting) Wong

Pedal - An urban cycling empathetic system


Cycling is healthy, good for the earth and convenient to move around in a small city like Wellington. However, the narrow urban roads induce a lot of conflicts between drivers and cyclists, making cycling a rather dangerous mode of transport.

I am exploring how visual communication design can promote mutual respect in road sharing by raising the awareness of cycling safety techniques and helping drivers to feel empathy towards the challenges cyclists face.

I designed an empathetic system for non-cyclists to understand cyclists. The system consists of a solid display board to draw attentions, an interactive pedal-controlled simulation to promote engagements and a question to encourage reflective conversations among the users. This particular project is dedicated for children aged 5-10 and their parents. It provokes parents to reflect on their road sharing attitudes and educates the young generations to achieve a long term effect.

Postgraduate Diploma in Design

Visual Communication


A complete setting of PEDAL.
Pedal to start experiencing.
A cycling journey in Wellington.


Block 12
Level E

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