Amiria Ranfurly

Subject to Change


Exploring the impacts that Climate Change is having on our world, "Subject to Change" is a documentary film that presents a collection of interviews and personal stories from across the Pacific. With passion and determination, we have created a film that shares insight to New Zealand’s response to the global objectives set by the Paris Agreement alongside intimate stories from the frontline, Batiki Island, in a truthful and evocative way.

I am Amiria Ranfurly, the Producer of Subject to Change. I have always liked to adapt media storytelling through a New Zealand and Pacific lens. I have a passion for creating imaginary worlds whether it be through animation or film; however over the past year I have developed a strong drive towards the Producer role for film.

From Producing for Subject to Change, I got to experience first hand the reality of the job, having to plan our student team to travel to the Pacific, managing our extensive list of contributors and devising production schedules for our film’s completion.

I have found that my natural organisation skills alongside my love for working with a team have allowed me to gain confidence in the Production work that I do.

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Creative Media Production


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Level D

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