Beka Smyth



Jump into an exciting 2D pixel-art platformer as Ngeru the cat, explore an alternate dimension where cats rule the world and demo two exciting levels! Things become increasingly fantastical and simultaneously sinister. However, when a mysterious cat by the name of Nil yanks Ngeru through a portal... cats may not necessarily be the kindest of rulers in this fun-packed role playing game.

As Co-creator and Co-producer, Character Designer, and Animator for Ngeru, 2018 has been a jam-packed year throughout which I've been able to watch a spark of 2am inspiration evolve into a video game of which I can be proud. With a background predominantly in film and fine art; Ngeru has very much been a passion project for me, as well as a steep learning curve. I've thrown myself in the deep end, learning new skills such as 2D pixel art animation and production management for a video game.

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Creative Media Production



I got to over-see our little team of animators, as well as animate a significant amount of the animations for the game
It's been my job to animate and edit the cutscenes for the game; perhaps the most challenging, yet rewarding experience throughout production for me
Animations were created using Photoshop; as it's the program I was most familiar with going into production; along with Premiere Pro for the cutscenes


Block 1
Level D

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