Jeremy Millar



Jump into an exciting 2D pixel-art platformer as Ngeru the cat, explore an alternate dimension where cats rule the world and demo two exciting levels! Things become increasingly fantastical and simultaneously sinister, however when a mysterious cat by the name of Nil yanks Ngeru through a portal... cats may not be the kindest of rulers in this fun packed role playing game.

As the producer for Ngeru, I have had a brand new experience this year managing an amazing team. It's required me to organise team meetings and the Exposure exhibit, and perform general admin and communication with the University faculty. I've still remained active in the coding aspect of the project, as it is something I have a passion for. I've attended every coding workshop we've hosted and stayed up to date with what every member of our coding team was working on, offering advice where necessary.

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Creative Media Production
Hard at work
The script for Ngeru was co-written by myself and my Co-Producer
I had a hand in assembling the dialogue boxes for the game


Block 1
Level D

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