Hannah Malpas

Washout Media: SafeTravel's Biggest Mistake


What if the worst ad agency in the Pacific was tasked by the New Zealand Government with the mission of getting kiwis to travel safe? Washout Media is a wannabe-viral marketing startup destined for failure when they take on the brief from the buttoned-up bureaucracy. The desperate SafeTravel boss Clark has placed his unconditional faith and budget into the Washout Media team, linking his fate with theirs as they plunge into madness and an inescapable creative darkness that somehow gets thousands of views.

Hey, I’m Hannah Malpas. Naturally I find myself in the role of producer. However, I’m still pretty savvy on the old Premiere Pro and this year was the editor for my final project. Next year I would love to get a job in the creative industries; what exactly is the golden question. Creating content more on the commercial side of media this year has been really interesting. Working in advertising is definitely something I can see myself pursuing. However, I am open to every opportunity so we shall have to wait and see where this girl ends up.

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Creative Media Production
Hero image from some promotional content I created for Omega Seafoods
Poster for my university final project - Washout Media: SafeTravel's Biggest Mistake
Still image from my university final project - Washout Media: SafeTravel's Biggest Mistake


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