Caillan McCrostie

Kiwis Can Fly


Kiwis Can Fly is a fun and adorable 3D animated mini series for young children which follows a determined little Kiwi named Kori who dreams of flying through the trees of Punanga Park. Undeterred by the restrictions of his anatomy, Kori endeavours to be the first kiwi to fly ever! With his innate DIY know-how and the help of his best friend Moemoe the Takahe, Kori believes he can cure his flightlessness with a little kiwi ingenuity.

I'm Caillan McCrostie and I am a pre-visualisation artist and animator, with experience in all things animation. In this project, I did the storyboarding and 2D animatics, as well as leading the animation. I have a passion for art and movement, and this project gave me the opportunity to put all of my time into exploring these.

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Creative Media Production
Kiwis Can Fly's Official Poster
Running the team through the episode 2 storyboards
Kori saying hey
Caillan McCrostie no longer has pink hair


Block 1
Level D

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