Issie Loseby

Fish Upon A Star


A homage to children's bedtime stories and fairy-tales, Fish Upon a Star is a non-dialogue short film about a lonely old man who accidentally fishes a star from the sky, only to become hooked (pun intended) when his initial desire for meaning and warmth in his life is gradually eclipsed by an ever growing greed.

Hi, I'm Issie! I've been working hard as the producer, creative director and writer for this film. Born into a family of successful creators, I've always been an ideas person. However, what I do best is think up things and find ways to see them through to production. I came here to study, still happily creating and making. This film was dreamt up in high-school and pitched successfully to TVNZ. My career in haberdashery is on hold, so I'll give this ideas-based-economy thing a go first.

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Creative Media Production
My Concept and Development
On Location! In All Weather!
On Set - Day one!


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Level D

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